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Yoga Consultancy

Understanding Yoga
The lifestyles are getting faster and caught up in that rush, we’re distancing ourselves from true happiness and internal peace. The everyday life is so full of worries and negativity that are making life an ailment in general and along with the mental and emotional voids, we also experience physical vulnerability and become an easy prey to diseases and illness. But the spiritual magic of yoga is just what you need to fix all the troubles of your life. Yoga is the bond the bridges the soul with the divine. It is not a routine, but a life style. Yoga sadhana is the practice that helps you find yourself and then, enlightens the path where your spirit meets the energy of the creator. The true meaning of yoga lies in the oneness of your soul and the cosmic energy.

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Yoga sadhana is a spiritual practice. With the ancient knowledge and guidance from the spiritual gurus, yoga practice aims at helping you find eternal bliss. Yoga is a means of leaving the struggle of happiness and sorrows behind and attaining a state of ultimate peace inside out.

How does Yoga work
yoga-at-homePresenting you a life style build on the spiritual pillars of yaam, niyaam, meditation, shatkarm, mudra, aasan, and pranayam, yoga sadhna promises to bring your soul in peace with the world. Pairing the practice of yoga with with the harmony of Aahar, Vihaar, Aachaar, and Vichar, meaning – nutritious diet, recreational healing, behavioral soundness, and the positivity in thought, it creates a serene balance between your physical, emotional, and mental state. Perfecting you step by step from your outside physic to the deepest insides, yoga promises you a physical, emotional, and mental well-being along with a spiritual awareness.

● Yoga for a physical fitness
A perfectly sculpted and sound body is one of the many gains of yoga. The regular practice of yoga opens your structure to flexibility, builds your strength, promotes regeneration and growth of cells. It makes you physically fit and adds matchless charms to your natural beauty. The flawless growth of hair and a glowing skin are some of the beauty benefits of yoga.

● Yoga for curing and preventing diseases and medical conditions
Apart from building the physical strength of your body, practicing yoga also helps you build and better your immune system. It helps you fight many diseases and the regular practice even helps you prevent many illnesses. Yoga even extends you the cure of some diseases that were thought to be incurable by medical science!

● Yoga for inner peace and spirituality
Yoga not only perfects your body from the outside, but from the inside as well. Along with a healthy body, you need a peaceful soul to live life to the full. The meditation and yoga sadhna uplifts your spirit to a level where you get in touch with the cosmic energy and find peace.

weight-management-yogaYoga Consultancy with Astrobit
At Astrobit, we understand how yoga sadhana is an essential key to a content life. With the consultancy of our well-renowned yoga guru, Acharya Sandeeip Sahhgal, you find answers to all your yoga-related troubles. Be it health and fitness routines or spiritual guidance, our yoga services and experts excel at providing you the solutions that suit you best.
At Astrobit, we take pride in providing you a way to a peaceful life and a bridge to the bliss of the cosmic energy amongst the racing roads of Delhi.


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