Tips to personality development

Personality means all round development of whole person- spiritual, moral, intellectual,aesthetic and physical despite individual differences of all kinds of physical , temperamental, intellectual and environmental levels. Keep the following points in view to seek wholesome development of human personality.personality development

Maintain physical and mental fitness : (1) Have sunshine and fresh air.(2) Nourish the body with satvic food (3) Enough sleep and rest (4) Practise asanas , pranayam and dhyan (5) Avoid stress and tension

Control your anger : by tolerance , pardon and awareness , fear and hesitation by confidence. Similarly control your disgust , hate ,emotions ,ego ,greediness, useless criticism and your complexes.

Develop curiosity ,camradeship,humour,self respect ,self discipline,self sufficiency,self contentment,self assessment,self knowledge and positive attitude towards life.

Learn to like people ,to be satisfied with every situation ,and to be cheerful.

Develop courage ,common sense ,honesty,sincerity and the ability to identify oneself with all fellow human beings.

Enjoy the work given to you and widen your horizons to develop a true zest for loving.

Develop cheerful optimism and try to make a better place to love in.

Know your goal in life and go after it with all sincerity and seriousness.

Develop a spirit of adventure. Live for purpose . Learn to enjoy simple things. Travel widely and often. Take a genuine interest in people and use your talent creatively.

Develop good social habits like scattering a genuine smile all around you. Becoming interested in people as individuals ,getting people to talk about the things they want to talk, giving praise where it is due and never speaking ill of anyone ,looking for some good in others. Trying to help others in humble ways through generosity ,goodwill ,sympathy,politeness ,friendliness,impartiality and appreciation.

Develop the capacity of hard work , concentration ,perseverence ,promptitude ,method ,efficiency , level headedness & resourcefulness.

Develop the art of serious thinking , retentive memory,intelligent listening,effective speaking , purposeful studying , impressive writing and meaningful creativity (thinking & writing).

Regularly do yogabhyas to help you develop your wholesome personality.

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