The line of Saturn is the fourth Main Line which receives the Current,and is frequently called the ” Line Of Fate”. It rises at the base of the hand and runs upwards toward the fingers. The period of childhood is the extreme lower part of the line,and old age is recorded by it on the Mount Of Saturn. It indicates- brains,health,energy,ambition and kindred allies,and not to blind chance,luck or fate. Combined with a good line of Saturn, there may be health,brains,determination,ambition and similar qualities , and in that case the presence of these qualities,and in that case the presence of these qualities accounts for the good line of Saturn,which consequently indicates that the subject will get through the world comfortably and successfully. On every line of Saturn,we note periods when everything is propitious for the subject. When the line is prominent,the subject is well and is in possession of his full powers. He works with less effort ,and ,in superstitious parlance he is “lucky”and “fate”is on his side. This is the time “make hay while the Sun shines”. The line of Saturn,when strong,emphasizes the Saturnian traits,especially if the line be deep on the Mount,and these traits are wisdom ,soberness,and the faculty of seeing life from its serious side. Saturnian traits are energy and frugality,as well as studiousness and the ability to think,and these qualities will do much to make a life successful.This line always runs through the centre of the palm. With the line absent at the beginning,it may be found that the Life Line will show great delicacy. For the same period of years that is covered by the absence of the Saturn Line. If the Life Line be thin when it begins to recover ,and grows thicker as it progresses,and if the Saturn line does the same,the subject will continue to do betterin a business way as his strength increases. It will be noted that it is necessary to read the beginning of the Saturn Line from the bottom and the Life Line from the top.line-fate-5

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