Stress is the main factor of diabetes. Here is the remedy .

Let’s find out by asking ourselves, what are we here for ?

We will find the answer in our hearts like this-

We are not here to fear

We are not here to be angry

We are not here to be jealous

We are not here to cry

We are not here to blame

We are not here to be miserable

We are not here to worry

Most of the times we are in the states of fear, anger & stress (FAS) without taking into consideration that it is causing tremendous damage to us in our physical & mental states , causing number of diseases by bringing detrimental  damage to the hormonal systems. It is reducing our performance level in the worldly affairs & highly demotivating in achieving mental peace.

Scientifically , stress & pressure are not the same. They are related to each other by the equation – STRESS= PRESSURE ESILINCE.

Suppose, in a corporate sector , you are working on a project which is having a deadline. One can understand that pressure is there but it is absolutelyunnecessary to meet the deadline & coup the pressure with stress. What is important is to see what kinds of thoughts are generated to meet the deadline. Suppose, you have to finish the work by one or two days and you are ill-equipped in terms of necessary resources (ie crunch of resources) then is it mandatory to meet  your deadline under FAS ? Definitely, your answer  will be” NO “. Stress is directly related to unnecessary and wasteful thoughts and inversely proportional to concentration and right decision taking power.

It simply means that if stress increases then it decreases our concentration level and power to take the right decision.

Every small-small situations may bring us in the states of fear, anxiety and worries and then we expect our stress to go away. How is it possible ?

Sometimes we approach other routes to burst our stress by watching movies, going for shopping/picnics or wandering here & there unnecessarily. This approach is fatal as we fail to understand that stress is because of negative thoughts or wrong belief systems. It is not at all of body (though it is affecting the body). So wherever I go, thoughts are with me and stress would also remain with me.

To remove the ailments of mind ie thoughts relating to fear, anxiety and worries, we need to add yog in our schedule. Practise light asanas including Shavasana, deep and long breathing and find that mind is free from negative thinking and then we begin to lead a life without stress.STRESS

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