Rajesh Mehta’s journey with ASTROBIT


Change your lifestyle . Make your body lean as per BMI, within weeks. Meet the team of Astrobit and see your temperament changing from dull to viour,from frowns to smile,from sedentary to full of life.
Rajesh Mehta aged 43 yrs,one of our clients, before visiting had a daily routine of walking up and go to a nearby park for a brisk walk. He could swear by for brisk walk than any other fitness regime and was ready to discuss at length the benefits of it.Half heartedly ,he approached Astrobit.
He followed our diet charts and the sequencing of asanas,pranayama religiously. Within four weeks he has a total different perception about fitness. Now he feels fitness at physical and mental level. At Astrobit he has been educated about proper proportion about carbs, fats,proteins,vitamins,minerals etc and various other factors like time and quantity to eat,nutrition to calorie ratio,BMR, Visceral fat etc. etc.He has lost 15 kgs of weight and has been brought in the ideal BMI segment and by eating….(Believe me). We allow you eat anything (…practically)….. yes anything but with advice and see your body going lean and flexible, glow in the skin increasing and all these changes without any pills or drugs (which have tangible side effects) .

Call up at Astrobit and enquire about our various packages on weight loss and glow on the skin while you eat everything . We’ll tell you When/How/How much/What to eat and see your weight vanish in a matter of weeks….thats for sure.

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