Quest In Time

There are so many subjects and sciences , but we can get proficiency only in one or two of them in our life time. From the time immemorial, there has been a race against time. So all the endeavours were made to reform the journey of life as easy , comfortable and also worthwhile . As the saying goes , ” A stitch in time saves nine ” . Who says tomorrow never comes, although every moment which passes can never be retrieved ? Just as we grow old, yet the span of life gets shorter. Time is the most unpredictable thing and treads its own course. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Since nothing but change is constant as the whole universe is in a dynamic state , as the earth is revolving around the sun and on its own axis, making day and night while the moon is moving around the earth keep waning and waxing causing the high tides in the sea. It is the quality of time and how we utilize it, which matters most. Just see between- history and mystery – there is the only chemistry ie instant reaction. Past is our experience and we need to initiate in the present to secure our future mission. Tomorrow coming from the oblivion approaching the present and turning into the past. The measure of time starts from split second, minute,hour,day,week,fortnight,month,year,deacade,century,era and to generations.

Our life is just to deal with all the different aspects which time offers such as : Sweet or sour, good or bad, twist or turn, hot or cold,up or down etc to form opinions. All such phases do happily come one after the other and we are to face them, since with no friction or challenge there can be no charm in the struggle. Actually every riddle like job provides us a reason to overcome and learn in the process.

There are seven stages of life such as : Spill, Drill, Skill, Thrill, Bill, Pill and Will. We are to pass through every stage to adjust our attitude and outlook while maturing. The bliss of life is to do our duty and that too well-done in time. Every day, the dawn brings so much fresh aroma and hope. The ambience creates spectacular scenery of natural bounties. While the day never changes, the date and time does. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. All the grace and fun will be lost if we stop trying to improve or not curious enough to excel. Enjoy the sportsman spirit and never give in but try to do even better. There is so much scientific progress in every field with more features being added to the electronic devices. So add some spice of wit and wisdom to avoid the boredom of life. Smile a while on ourselves just by recalling some old anecdotes to enjoy good health and retard the ageing process. According to an English saying ” A man does not become matured enough before the age of 80 years so one can feel even younger below that age”. We think either of the past or worry about the future , but do not attend to the present and so just miss the train of opportunity. We are to discover our talents and prompt our skills which otherwise remain latent. The main purpose is to bring out the full potential and dispel ignorance. Punctual practice in any discipline can lead us to achieve our goal. If we plant a seed today, it will become a big tree after a few years and so it will become a good amount if we invest in a recurring deposit scheme today. As present is the only offer so try to be creative in the moment. We need to be smart, active and ever ready to pick up any thing good and useful from anywhere and at any time. Life is a stage and we are to perform sincerely. It is our choice and not change that influences our future. So we can be as happy as we wish to be. We should do our best and leave the rest on the Almighty for His grace as well as the outcome. We are to find the purpose and the means will follow. A right step taken at an appropriate time ensures a hundred percent win situation.

There is a sea of change in the last twenty years with every thing going fast-paced , be may it fast foods, speedy trains or supersonic jets. Now it is quite possible to have breakfast at Paris, Lunch in London and dinner at Chicago within a day, thanks to the difference in global timings. Striving on our consistent efforts , we just can find the spring in the deserts. The real purpose remains to save on time , space and energy to make life more enjoyable. So be more specific and smart while attending to the present instant to explore something really new as the wings of time are flying high to fascinate and adore the virtues of current phenomenon.beautiful life


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