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Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal is blessed with a wisdom , by which he scientifically examines the hand very minutely. In the hand he closely studies the thumb,nails(size,shape,color and various other parameters)all the fingers,phalanges,palms etc.

Silver packageGold packagePlatinum package
 Rs 1,100Rs 2,100Rs 3,100
Half an hour consultancyOne hour consultancyTwo hour consultancy
When a subject opts for Silver package, usually he/she refers to one major problem confronting him/her along with the remedy thereof.In Gold package, most of the times, the subject refers to one or two or three problems and looks to the solution of these.In platinum package, the subject discusses all the problems around him/her and the complete exhaustive solution is given . Usually it takes around 2 hours for the complete session.

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After verifying all aspects he tells about the past,future and the personality of the subject. You will be astonished to see the accuracy of results. The results , as witnessed by thousands of subjects,shall be 100% accurate.
This is because as per the science of palmistry various areas of hand activate specific areas of brain and accordingly they are associated with various planets. For example the area below index finger is known as mount of Jupiter as this point of hand is directly connected with the knowledge area of our brain. The area below middle finger is mount of Saturn because it is related with action area of the brain. The little finger is connected with that area of our brain which remains involoved in scientific calculations,therefore the area below this finger is known as mount of Mercury. Two fingers are connected with to ring finger whereas the other fingers are controlled by one nerve only. The larger area of our brain is controlled by this area only and therefore3 ring finger is most important among all fingers and that is why rightly termed as finger of Sun. Probably for this reason only,most of the gems are worne in this finger.

Accordingly,as the problem witnessed by the subject, solutions or remedies are given. The remedies given are simple and reasonably priced so that it does not pinch the pocket too much.
The main aim of Astrobit’s palm reading is – Maximum savings and longer life. If you wish to avail the expert guidance of Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal you may take prior appointment and then approach him. You are sure to get rid of your miseries you are in,as have thousand others. The charges for one session of palm reading by Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal are Rs2,100.00 which have to be paid either in advance or immediately on sitting. The session is much more worthy of the charges.

How does Palmistry, Hand Reading work ?

Studying the structure and working of your palm, palmistry reads the future written in your hands. Get in touch with Sandeeip Sehgal, best palmist in delhi today. Palm reading is an ancient art that believes that the secrets of your future are hidden amongst the lines and mounts on our palms. Carefully learning the shapes and changes in your hand, the experts try and unveil the destiny. Palm reading not only helps you predict the future, but it is also matchless in exploring the depths of your personality. The lines on your hand have a great influence on the shaping of your personality and chiromancy gives you great insights into the character and traits unique to every person.

Here are some of the many details palmistry uses
● The structure, character, and working of your palm, fingers, and thumbs
●The hair on your hand
● The flexibility, softness, and hardness of your palm
● The mounts of different planets
● All the lines of your palm and more!

Palmistry with Astrobit

At Astrobit, we understand how knowing about your future can help you better your life and our experts take pride in solving the mysteries of your life by extending you the best palm reading services in Delhi. Be it the questions of career, finance, health, love, or anything at all, the future has all the answers marked on your hand and palmistry is the key to finding the solutions. Palm reading is very effecting in finding out about the events and auspiciousness of the future; and when our specialist Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal guides you with his experienced palmistry consultancy, the predictions couldn’t be more accurate.
At Astrobit, our trained experts make you understand what the future holds, helping you benefit the best from all the opportunities and give you the chance to prepare for the challenges to come.

Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. Sandeep sehgal is one of the best palmist in delhi. With an experience of over 4 years into palmistry he is often regarded as best palm reader in delhi. Sandeep is co-founder of Astrobit with CA Sugan Varshney.

Wikipedia : Palmistry

famous palmist in delhi
famous palmist in delhi

The basis of our study during consultancy  or education in Palmistry is the analysis of the following points :


  1. The basis of our work-the plan of creation-the mount types
  2. The human engine-birth of the child –the life current-a talk to parents-general attributes of the lines
  • Pose and carriage of the hands
  1. Preliminary arrangements-what hand to use-texture of the skin
  2. Consistency of the hand
  3. Flexibility of the hands
  • Color of the nails
  • The Nails
  1. Hair on the hands
  2. The Hand as a whole
  3. The fingers in general
  • The finger tips
  • Knotty fingers
  • Smooth fingers
  1. Long fingers
  • Short fingers
  • The Thumb
  • Mounts and fingers-how to judge them
  • The mount of Jupiter
  1. The mount of Saturn
  • The mount of Sun
  • The mount of Mercury
  • The mount of Mars
  • The mount of the Moon
  • The mount of Venus
best palm reader in delhi
La Diseuse de bonne aventure, Caravaggio


  1. Introductory words-what lines are for-the life map-some general suggestions
  2. A working hypothesis –main,minor,and chance lines-proportion-the two hands
  • Characters of the lines-proportion-the two hands
  1. The age of the subject-age as indicated on the lines
  2. The line of the Heart
  3. The line of the Head
  • The line of Life
  • The lines of Influence
  1. The lines of Saturn
  2. The line of Apollo
  3. The line of Mercury
  • The girdle of Venus
  • The minor lines

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We charge Rs 2,100.00 per consultancy and try that every client is satisfied. Kindly seek prior appointment to avoid waiting. Contact our office for seeking appointment.-+91-11-42654941 / 9818013797

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