Palm Reading : The Basis of our Work

palm 1

The hand is entirely dependent on the brain for its intelligence ,and that ,being the servant,it reflects the kind of brain behind it by the manner and intelligence with which it performs its duties. It is a well accepted fact that the centre of the brain ,which is in connection with the hand,has been located,and dissections show that different formations of this brain centre are found accompanied by differently shaped hands. This proves that the hand physically shows what kind of a brain is directing it.

The success of hand-reading is a matter of combination. The type of subject must be combined with his energy , brain power,good intentions,vices,health condition,and many other factors,before a balance can be struck. Thus whatever Astrobit concludes on the basis of hands is a result of careful and rational study.  Whatever the position of the hand says,whether past , present or prediction, the team at Astrobit has remedy. Do visit us and see for youself the uniqueness in quality.

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