Scientific Formation Of Hand

Scientific formation of hand

Lines on palm begin to form about four weeks after conception. By the end of the fourth month the formation of lines,ridges and creases on the fingers and palms is complete , and this structure remains the same for the rest of the person’s life making hands like a fossil record of our life in the uterus. Continue reading “Scientific Formation Of Hand”


The locality which coincides with the lungs on hands is situated on the Mount of Jupiter,under the first finger.

heart-line-hand (1)

If the Heart line or any other branch of it , rises over the Mount, and is feathered,islanded or blurred,or if the Mount itself is marked by any of these signs on independent lines,it is a warning that the lungs are affected by consumption,or by some extreme delicacy. Any tangle of fine lines on the Mount have the same signification.

Palm Reading : The Basis of our Work

The hand is entirely dependent on the brain for its intelligence ,and that ,being the servant,it reflects the kind of brain behind it by the manner and intelligence with which it performs its duties. It is a well accepted fact that the centre of the brain ,which is in connection with the hand,has been located,and dissections show that different formations of this brain centre are found accompanied by differently shaped hands. This proves that the hand physically shows what kind of a brain is directing it.

The success of hand-reading is a matter of combination. The type of subject must be combined with his energy , brain power,good intentions,vices,health condition,and many other factors,before a balance can be struck. Thus whatever Astrobit concludes on the basis of hands is a result of careful and rational study.  Whatever the position of the hand says,whether past , present or prediction, the team at Astrobit has remedy. Do visit us and see for youself the uniqueness in quality.

Why should the palm provide a window onto the soul ? Why not read the feet or the ears ?

Why should the palm provide a window onto the soul ? Why not read the feet or the ears ?

The hand is uniquely rich in sensory and motor representation in the human brain: its relative area is truly colossal in proportion to the hand’s size.

If a single strand of DNA can encode your eye-color,skin type and dispensation to high risk activity ,there’s no reason why the microcosm of characteristics,impulses,drives and potentials that make up every individual.

People talk with their hands,they sub consciously reveal through gesture more than wrds do,betraying every nuance,every feeling. Hands are the capital letters of body language,they are our first contact with the world. We explore with our hands before we learn to speak. Watch a baby touch everything ,feeling its way,trusting the hands over the eyes to perceive the world.

Knowing the Line of Heart | Palmistry

Upon entering our bodies through the finger of Jupiter the first line reached by the Electric current is the line of Heart. It has been so named because it has been found to reflect accurately the condition and operation of this organ.

It deals with that central life-sustaining mechanisms which pumps and controls the blood stream,which by its quality and quantity,we have found so largely affects our health and temperament. The old saying that a person has a ‘warm heart’or a ‘great deal of heart’ has become synonymous with the idea that these persons are affectionate and sympathetic . the action of a strong heart is followed by pink color,indicating warmth and health,and this me know produces genial,sympathetic people.

Knowing your fortunes by line of fate

The line of Fate or Destiny is formed by the faculty brain which shows physical and mental health, energy, ambition and kindred allies and not to blin chance,luck.

On every Line of Saturn ,we note periods when everything is propitious for the subject . He/ She works with less effort and in superstitious parlance he is “Lucky” and “ Fate” is on his side.

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