Astrology Remedies

astro remediesAstrological remedy works against adverse planetary effects. Objective of remedy is to restore good health and ensure peace of mind. Planets exert favorable as well as adverse effects on each other. Our beloved earth, as a member of the solar family enjoys the effects of other members and also reciprocates the same to them. Thus, effects of other planets while showered on earth are being enjoyed by each and every living and non living thing within the earth. Adverse effects of the planets bring about comprehensive misery like, premature death, accidental death, illness, poverty, illiteracy, malpractices, superstitions, etc. A lot of efforts were made since the beginning of human civilization to avoid mal-effects of the planets, but hardly any absolute way of remedy were found out to avoid that. Individual horoscope is the main criterion of a native to be affected out of adverse planetary effects. There are various method of remedy of Vedic astrology against mal-effects of the planets. Among many conventional ways to pacify adverse planetary effects, astrological remedy incorporates factors which are considered as the best and effective.

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