Anger Mnagement

Anger is endogenous disease in human beings . It is a short-lived madness which begins with blunders , repentance and dangerous consequences . It breeds hatred, revenge and enmity among different communities. Anger flares up with slight instigation or provocation. Anger mostly is without any rhyme or reason but seldom with genuine one. It is meaningless arrogance imbibed in us and is one letter short of danger.anger

Verse from Bhagvat Geeta says :

From attachment of worldly materials, desire and lust are born

From anger comes delusion

From delusion loss of memory is born.

From the loss of memory , our intelligence,friendship and finally the mankind gets destroyed

Medically, it has been proved that people with “ Anger Syndrome” are very much prone to hypertension and related ailments. Our body language,facial gesture, our voice, attitude as a whole undergoes a drastic and metamorphic changes. As a result, negative vibrations and thinking set in our mind which build up to the state of anger. It is difficult to imagine the men who are alcoholic or addict ill-treating their families resulting in domestic violence. Such persons lose ethical , moral and physical value in the society.

Anger is just like a hurricane storm which blows out our lamp of wisdom. It is a violent emotion which rises , surges like a sea wave and completely submerges us damaging our sense and paralyses our faculties.

On the other hand, who says that this world does not need angry persons ? We do need angry persons for a genuine cause ! Anger , some believe is a cleansing agent by which negative and toxic feelings inside our system get off-loaded. Anger is justified at times, if done for a good cause. For instance, a woman’s modesty is targeted in the public place (a normal scene in metro cities) by the hooligans, where the so-called urban educated elite people watch and enjoy the scene ! In such situations , one can really be aggressive and violent to charge the culprits in order to save such victims. So only few people demonstrate “ Righteous Anger” in “Right Time” at “ Right place” for a “ Right Cause”. Parashuram’s anger was justified as he could wash-of-criminal despots from the society at latge.

The various parameters that induce or provoke anger in human beings are(1) Getting irritated when things which do not happen as per the expectations.(2) Getting frustrated if events are not happening fast enough (3) Having grudges against persons who have wronged, humiliated and insulted you.(4) Hating people associated with evil mind. For all the above provocating factors of anger, a lot of patience , positive thinking , mental balance is needed with no immediate reaction to the incident. Sant Eknath’s popularity was at its peak in his time . But some influential rich people like Zamindars of the village did not like his popularity. They started humiliating and insulting Sant Eknath by splitting on his face whenever he comes out of his bath from the river side . But on the other hand , Santji maintained cool and used to go again for the bath. This process continued till the prejudiced Zamindars were tired of this act and gave in to Santji and apologized for their nasty act.

There are many techniques and strategies that can be adopted to containand mitigate anger. Firstly, one should not react immediately to the but wait for 24 hours with patience when things get cooled down. Such waiting with oatience will surely dampen the amplitude of “ Bad Temper Spirit” as we gain more time. If you are conscious enough to delay the wave of anger without any ego, the wave will vanish ! So a good time-lag between angry action and its reaction will surely save from unfortunate situation.

Forgiveness is another sentimental and psychological tool to subside the anger of any opponent which nourishes love and affection. Forgiving does not mean you are surrendering or yielding to your angered opponent but allowing his anger to pass over smoothly like a cool sea breeze! There is a gain of psychological and moral advantage due to forgiveness . If a person possesses good control of mind , forgiveness and patience under all situations , he is sure to conquer this world. We need to handle ourselves by using our mind and control the angry person with love and affection.

In trying situations , meditation provides a physiological response to your anger mitigation. There is a strong negative relation between a good meditation and the intensity or strength of anger.

Another mitigation technique for anger is that the object that causes anger  in you may either be removed or your attention should be diverted from it. Practising regular yogic asanas, pranayam, eating Satvic  food, meditation, yog nidra , consuming no tobacco and alcohol, hearing melodious music etc will have a soul healing touch and soothing effect to your mind and body. Enmity and hatred is buried deep within. From that anger wavers the mind resulting in existing violence through indriyas .  by practicing spiritual surmons in our daily life, we are sure to mitigate the ill -will delving deep within one day to make our life serene and calm. In the alternative , our practice not to let violence percolate in indriyas will make one triumphant over anger.

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