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Vaastu Training With Astrobit

Vaastu plays an indespensible role in perfecting all the spaces you live in and you can now learn the discipline of Vaastu from Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal at Astrobit. One of the most renowned Vaastu specialists in Delhi, Acharya Sandeep Sehhgal believes in imparting the precious knowledge of this ancient science to the young minds in the most fun and fruitful way. Learning the workings of Vaastu helps you add happiness and peace in the design of your home and attract sharp performance and success to your offices.
The Vaastu workshops at Astrobit introduces you the study of Vaastu and starting from learning the practices and techniques of the Vaastu Shastra it aims to get you in touch with the cosmic energies it draws its mystical powers from. With the guiding hands of the best trainers in Delhi, you can count on the experience to be enjoyable.

The salient features
●Introduction to Vaastu
●Scientific Vaastu
● Fundamentals of a healthy shelter
● Understanding of the residential and work place placements
● Role of directions and locations
●Practical applications of Vaastu
●Corrective measures for Vaastu Doshas and much more


We have conducted regular workshops wherein the response received were overwhelming . a few reviews of students are mentioned as below :

  1. Honey Aggrawal  :-  It is really good to learn about Vaastu and Mediatation
  2. Paramjeet Kaur Teja:- It is good intuition and meditation
  3. Sulochana :- Good programme regarding meditation and Vaastu.
  4. Nikhil Dubey :- Good programme
  5. Tanya Jain :- The seminar was relly in formative and knowledgable.
  6. Aiswawarya Taparia :- The seminar was nice,knowledgable. Thanks for this seminar.
  7. P.Bharadwaj:-  Seminar gave insight to Vaastu Shastra which is based on logic , scientific factors.
  8. Binita Tiwari :-Education is perfect but time was less, knowledgable programme.
  9. Rama Sehgal:- I am really . Thanx for valuable information.
  10. Saroj Kumar Das :- I am very much enthusiastic and curious as a beginner to learn Vaastu and its various effects in moulding lifestyle,very much valuable awareness programme. Thx a lot.
  11. Gagan Sindhi :- Really very informative and knowledgable.
  12. Anil Vig :- Very much happy to join the workshop and would like to do further course also.
  13. Deepak Jain :- Good workshop.
  14. Manju Aggarwal :- Informative workshop very interesting type sessions.
  15. Neelam Joshi :- Vaastu workshop is very informative and knowledgable. I am really satisfied.
  16. Jyoti Vig :- I am really satisfied from the workshop . I knew the tips of Vaastu. Thanks a lot Mr. Sandeeip Sehhgal for his workshop and his performance.
  17. Veeta Mehta (A-58 Malka Ganj, Delhi-7) :- Very informative workshop. Good meditation. Thanks for valuable information.
  18. Raj Kumar Vermani :- Good information and I will try to continue in the future.
  19. Aman Goel (D-234, Main Bharat Vihar Road, Madhu Vihar, Uttam Nagar , Delhi-59) :- Very very innovative and productive and positive waves. Thank you for having me there.
  20. Mayank Ahuja (12/9, Ashok Nagar, Tilak Nagar):-  Very informative and knowledgeable workshop and I will try to apply all these ideas practically and share with other people about Astrobit. Thanks.
  21. Praveen Behl (WZ-946, Rani Bagh, Delhi-34) :- Cogratulations to Sandeeipji for organizing such a wonderful event. Very knowledge and informative.
  22. Sonia Behl (WZ- 946 Rani Bagh) :- very good information and nice sessions. Thanks. Very nicely organized.
  23. K.Kumar (B-209, Indra Vihar) :- Congratulations for new knowledge for future in my life useful.
  24. Seema Suri (A/22/3 South Extn. I):- Nice session. Thanks.
  25. Binita Singh :- Good information and very good sessions.
  26. Shalini Khanna :- I am very grateful to attend the seminar and grab lots of important information which is useful for me.specially mediatation. Thanks for that.
  27. Honey Aggarwal (Flat No.138, Rashmi Apptts, Sec-7, Plot-3, Dwarka, ND) I am very happy to attend the seminar and the sessions and due to that I grab lot of things which make me learn about Vaastu, meditation and branding. This is my first experience but would like to be part of your many seminars, and group.
  28. Harish Dua (Interior Designer)(Bunglow No16, West Patel Nagar,ND-8):- (harish_dua123 I am extremely thankful to Acharya Sandeeip and his team who has given extremely useful information on Vaastu. He has put the things very clear and straight and natural. With this I convey my best of regards to him and his team.
  29. Subhash Chander Masson (Pain specialist and Sr. Consultant in Alt. Medicine) Lifecare Clinic,B-66 (GF) Lajpat Nagar –I , ND-24 ( Extremely impressed with the method of education and the coverage of Vaastu and other aspects concerned with that . Thanks a lot to the team.
  30. Shanti Singh (Naturopath)E-501, Sabka Ghar Apptts. , Sector-6, Plot no 23, Dwarka,ND-75 . It was very useful seminar. Teaching method was excellent- Everyone should learn Vaastu.
  31. Pragya Verma, D-002, Jandatta Apptts. , Sec-9, Vasundhara, Gzb . Fruitful for me and want to attend whole session. Thanks.
  32. Priya Raheeja , C-8/65 B, Keshav Puram, Delhi-35 :- Fantastic, full of knowledge, after this session want to learn advanced Vaastu.
  33. Reeetika Dhawan , Laxmi Vihar, :- Wonderful experience, Very knowledgable, all the terms related with Vaastu were told in very familiar manner. I felt simply great attending this seminar.
  34. Prateek Gupta (Vaastu Consultant) . It is a unique experience.
  35. Sunil Bhalla :-. We have gained a lot of knowledge. Very good.
  36. Nikhil Dubey :- All people have great personality. I meet different types of people. But seminar is really unique.
  37. Surinder Pal Wadhwa :- Jeewan ka vastvik such doosron ko swasth aur sukhi banane mein hai
  38. Ashok Sehgal :- Very good knowledge.
  39.  The list is endless………..!!!!!
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