Vastu Tips for all rooms


The Bathroom

The East sector is best  suited for a bathroom since the beneficial rays of the morning sun fall into the room. The slopes within the bathroom can be towards north and east so that water drains into the north-east of the bathroom.

Master Bedroom

The Southwest sector is for the master’s room. Sleep with your head to the south. Outside the master room, a rock garden can be made. This’ll provide a natural setting as you look out from the window. This room can be occupied by the father or the eldest son of the family.

Children’s (Study)Rooms

Children’s room can be in the West, North or East sector. They can have their beds to the South-west corner of the room. Let them sleep with their heads to the East or West. A soft green light in the night will be instrumental in making them study well.

Guest Rooms

The guest room is ideal in the North-west room. Avoid children in this region,especially boys. This room is also suitable for newly wed couples and for those planning their baby.


The right place for kitchen is the South-east sector of the building. Face the east while cooking . the ovens and the gas stoves can be in the Southeast corner of the kitchen. The alternate place for the kitchen,in case you are not able to have the kitchen in the South-east is the North-west sector of the building. To stimulate appetite have your kitchen walls painted soft pink or orange. As good food is indicative of financial strength, a mirror on the North of Eastern wall of the kitchen will likely help strengthen finances.

Dining Room

East, South or West are for the dining rooms. Stimulate your appetite by painting its walls shades of pink or orange. The dining room can be an independent room or a continuation of the kitchen. The suggested place is West. The dining table, preferably a rectangular one should be so arranged that the master of the house,or his wife or eldest son occupies the South of South-west or West of South-west chair in the room.

Living Room 

Living rooms can be in the North-east sector of the building. Avoid loads in the centre of the living room. An east of North-east entry is preferred with good space to the right as you enter the house.

Prayer Room (Shrine)

Prayer room or your private shrine can be either in the North-east sector or the centre of the house which corresponds to the Brahmsthana. Let the Deity be on the Eastern side. Pyramid shaped roofs can immensely strengthen the room spiritually. Avoid having photos of dead people along with the photos of the Lord… Keep the puja room absolutely clean. Never have the prayer area in the bedroom.

Store Rooms

The granaries can be in the North-west sector. Lofts and attics can be on the South and West walls. Grains that needed for daily use can be in the North-west corner of the granary.


Toilets are to be in the North-west of the sector. Avoid them in the centre of the building and the North-east of the building. When it has to be an attached toilet,let it be to the North-west of the concerned room.

The second alternate is the South –east of the building or the room.

General tips for rooms

South-east bedrooms may be avoided. Blue color induces sleep. Green is good for study. Almirahs and lofts can be in the South or West of the rooms. Avoid beds in the centre of the room and under beams. Do not sleep with your head to the North.


Garages can be in the North-west sector. A second choice for garages is the South-east. Avoid your garages or portico in South-west. Let not the garage touch the main building. Let the car face North or East.

Basements and Cellars

The North, East and North-east are ideal for basements and cellars. Avoid basements and cellars in the South-west.

A height equal to or less than the ground floor height is generally recommended.


Staircases may be anywhere except in the North-east and the centre of the pace viz brahmsthana.  However as much as possible prefer them in the South, West or South-west. The space beneath the staircase should not be occupied by anyone.

Verandahs or the first room into the structure

Verandahs or the first rooms into the structure can be in the East or North.have a proper maindoor or mahadwara as advised by the team of Astrobit. Mirrors can be placed on the East and /or North walls to reflect the spaciousness of the verandah.


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