Vastu Remedies

vaastu 3Vastu Remedies:

Vaastu – dosha is a projected flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions. These directions have been endowed with qualities based on a classification sourced from thePanch-Maha-Bhutas.

It is strongly believed that Vaastu which is Science of Structure is a promise to heaven & prosperity. But when most of us live urban life where buildings are constructed mostly without Vasstu concepts due to scarcity of land. So mostly perfect Vaastu compliance is almost impossible!

Logically speaking, if we can not change exteriors, we must focus on micro level. All it means is start focusing on interiors! It is all about counter balancing negative elements.

A Vaastu dosh can be rectified through changes in the rooms, changing interiors & rearranging objects using regulators & charged objects. Every Vaastu dosh has some remedy and if followed properly, it may bring peace & prosperity some of the remedies to remove Vaastu Dosh which actually is there in the premises of one’s residential places or one’s business place.

South West Vastu Doshas – The Problems That They Cause

  1. Financial Issues: Loss in business, unexpected and unwanted expenses, blocking of money. Inability to pay a loan and its repercussions.
  2. Health Issues: Accidents – major and minor, mostly leading to injury in legs. These accidents may lead to fracture, paralysis or even amputation. Kidney related medical troubles.
  3. Social Reputation: The relationship between husband and wife becomes sour with frequent quarrels, mistrust and disharmony between them. Husband or wife may start to cheat other. Children of the family get involved in bad habits and make bad friends. This all leads to maligning social reputation of the family.

Having seen South West vastu doshas and effects of these vastu defects, it’s time now for you to read, understand – and even apply, if needed – the remedies for these defects, so that the ill effect of these vastu doshas is reduced. Remember that a remedy reduces the effect of vastu dosh and not completely eliminate the dosh itself

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