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Understanding Vaastu
Our environment plays a very important role in our lives. Your surroundings not only shape your personality, but also have a powerful influence on every other thing as well – your thoughts, your energies, your well-being, your success, and even your future!

Vaastu is the ancient science that extends an intricate system of laws and guidelines to help you build the most auspicious surroundings. One of the treasured Indian Shastras, it is the discipline that enlightens the ways you can create a happy home and a happy life by bringing the Panch Mahabhutas – space, fire, air, water, and earth, in a perfect equilibrium. It is the cosmic energy of their co-relation that shapes you and your destiny for what it is. The scientific Vaastu of the day ensures you positivity and fruitfulness in your life by creating a perfect balance between the force of five elements and your geographical location in the best cosmic moments.
Vaastu Shastra promises to construct and revive happiness, peace, health, triumph, prosperity, and complete well-being in your lives.  

How does Vaastu work
Vaastu uses many techniques, guidelines, and practices as dictated in the ancient texts to ensure perfect harmony in all the shelters of your life – your residence and workplace. There’s nothing better than starting the building of your place with the blessings of Vaastu, but the Vaastu principles can help you achieve a prosperous balance in your already build-up areas as well (without the need of demolition).
● Vaastu for your plot
Vaastu helps you find the land that promises you the very best of the cosmic energy. With the guidance from Vaastu, you can select the most positive plot and assure the auspiciousness of the building from the foundation itself.

● Vaastu for your home
From the plan of your house, the direction of your entrance gate, design of each room, the spacing of the corridors, to the placement of your bedroom, kitchen, toilet, pooja room, every little thing has great significance in building the energy of your home and you can achieve the most auspicious accord in your houses with Vaastu.

  • Vaastu for your corporate building
    With the help of Vaastu in the designing and maintenance of your workplace, you can accomplish better profits and fine performance. Right from the direction of the entrance doors and windows to where your office and reception should be, each single detail helps in bringing the best energy to your corporate  environment.

    The principles of Vaastu help ensure perfect peace and productivity in all your shelters. When your home and places of work are in the right balance with the cosmic energy from inside-out, you can hope for a happy life and more!

    Vastu Consultancy with Astrobit
    At Astrobit, we understand how Vaastu plays an essential role in promising prosperity and auspiciousness to your dwellings. Vaastu doshas can make even the finest residences fall under great debts, quarrels, and an unsettling feeling of incompleteness.
    But you don’t need to worry! At Astrobit, you can the best solution for all your Vaastu related troubles in Delhi with the Vaastu consultancy from our expert Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal. Our specialist strives to address all the Vaastu doshas you’re facing, at a very individual level, making sure that the lacking balance is restored to your dwellings and you are blessed with all the cosmic energies that reside with you.
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