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Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture, which literally translates to "science of architecture."

These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.

Vastu Shastra incorporate traditional Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments.


(1) When a person is happy his/her body and mind becomes healthy. Due to this healthy mind he is able to lead a long life.

(2) In today’s world, either you are into service or business. In service either the remuneration is less or the job pressures are too high. In business if you put up an industry, the biggest problems are power and labour. Both of these are highly stressful acts. In trading you are supposed to sit in your shop or office for hours together. You cannot afford not to stay glued to your seat.

(3) In a shop or industry whatever stock you invest into, there is all likelihood of the stockl kept with you depreciates or becomes dead stock due to the technological advancements.

(4) In this profession you have freedom of working , leisure vacations and you can unleash your creativity.

(5) Since you are becoming a health and happiness provider you are already into philanthropy and command overall respect and honour. There cannot be better profession than this since you get a lot of blessings from your clients if you do your work honestly.


In our social system, the lady (Home maker) is the person who takes care of overall happiness and health alongwith prosperity. Vaastu provides solutions to problems and happiness for sure. Hence the housewives need this course as a must.

Real estate community : This community is the one which constructs and sells real estate in our country, professionally. If they design houses and office space, Vaastu compliant to the maximum extent possible, we can reside or work in these places and shall get highly benefitted.

This is occult sciences which has tremendous amount of mystic around it. The society at large wants to get benefitted by it. A person who has knowledge about it , can easily penetrate into the inner space of any prospective client and enhance his/her networking with it.

5 mistakes people do at home 

(1) When we take care of orientations , while sitting or lying down and in our normal routines, we can really get advantages of the solar energy working along with us in our benefit rather than working against us.

(2) Rampant use of electro-magnetic frequencies in our daily lives have created havoc. Beit cordless phones,mobile phones,wi-fi network,laptops,modems,TVs,electronic gadgets,music systems,CFLs,microwave ovens and water RO systems and so on. These things which are bringing comforts in our lives are actually highly detrimental for our physical and mental healths.

(3) Construction of attached toilets in our homes is highly unhygienic . Toilet is the dirtiest place around. It is full of germs and bacteria always. Just for a bit of comfort, we have brought this place right besides our bedrooms, where we spend the maximum hours of the day. Howsoever cleaning we do in it, some bacteria shall always stay there, which makes us sick.

(4) Having a worshipping place in the house is not at all recommended as per Vaastu. Mandir is the place where we keep idols of our highest faith. At times, we cannot keep the place as clean as should be. God is the creator of everything and deserves the highest form of respect, which may be, we do not give in our times.

(5) Hanging of photos or paintings of Gods is what we do in our houses, where at times we indulge in vices. This is not at all permissible as per Vaastu.

5 things you can do your own to improve your home VAASTU

1. North-East corner of the house is said to be the lshaan kone. It is considered the purest corner.This corner has to be totally empty and vacant. This should be the lightest place in the house. Nothing heavy should be placed here.

2. South-West corner should be the heaviest in the house. The heavy items in the house should be placed at this place. This is the Vyavya kone.

3. While lying down for more than 3-4hrs at a stretch head towards south. The head in human body is considered to be North pole and feet as south pole.when we place our head towards south,iron which is present in the blood as hemes gets mobile and the blood circulation in the whole body gets even.

4. As much possible use land line phones viz-a-viz the mobile phones.if at all we have to use mobile phones prefer text messaging. Even the internet that we use is recommended to be used on lan cable and not through wi-fi enabled area.

5. Our life style should be formatted in such a way that we should get up at brahm mahurat (dawn) i.e. 3:30 am to 4:30 am. If we get up at this time we are more likely to lead a healthy life style which is disease free. This format leads to overall happiness and prosperous life.

Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal is giving a free workshop on - Principles of VAASTU

The Product (or Service) that is the Perfect Resolution to the Story.


1 pm to 2.15 pmIntroduction to Vaastu
Vaastu Purush
Five main elements
Types of Land
2.30 pm to 3.45 pmLying down positions
Extension of Land & Cut off Land
Height of building
Direction of foundation
Overhead tank
Septic Tank
Main door
4.00 pm to 5 pmIntroduction to meditation
Anatomy of brain
Conscious and Sub Conscious mind


1 pm to 2.15 pmAll internal rooms and the directions
2.30 pm to 3.30 pmMeditation
3.45 pm to 5.00 pmPersonality
Brand building

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Improve your life, learn VAASTU by Sandeeip Sehgal

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