Ten ways to overcome : Stress, Anxiety and Fear

1. Positive Attitude plays a very vital role for leading life happily and peacefully. Your attitude has control to change your life. We should learn/try to have positive attitude under all circumstances.

2. Do not anticipate/imagine troubles to come . On the one hand future happenings are uncertain and on the other , it is uncontrollable. Whenever trouble comes , it never comes alone. It always brings along with it the strength to solve and bear the same.

3. Don’t worry for past and future as past is gone and has value like cancelled cheque, future is uncertain like Promissory Note which may be encashed or not. Try to learn to live in present which is like cash in hand. We should try to make our present life comfortable and peaceful as far as possible.

4. Grow in the spirit of forgiveness  and do not cherish grudge against any person who might have hurt you mentally/physically/financially. We should have spirit to forgive before forgiveness is asked . Whenever any mistake is committed by you, don’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness. FORGET & FORGIVENESS is the best way to have control over stress, worry and fear.

5. We should learn the art of Gratitude . We should show gratitude whenever we are given anything , even advice by anybody. We should always have thanks in our mind/ heart for God who has given and giving everything to us.

6. Develop healthy sense of Humour because humour and stress never go side by side. Lughter / Smile is must. It is a physical/mental/spiritual tonic.

7. Taking care of Breathing is must because breathing and thinking go together and has continuous connection with the mind. While taking in breathing tummy should come out and taking out tummy should go inside.

8. Have full Faith in caring and be grateful to God, who is our father and mother and never harm us. Complete faith in God gives strength to bear happiness and sorrow.

9. Learn to practise Silence (Personal Quiet Time) – Sitting in silence without hearing noise is just like doing meditation or thinking spiritually which paves the way to overcome stress,worry and fear.

10. Helping others is the biggest stress . We should dedicate ourselves to the service of society and try to mitigate the sufferings of human beings and other living sects. If we want to live happily for whole life, we should have the spirit to help other needy human beings and other sects.

Summary : Thinking positively , eating slowly, having regular exercise with walking as much as possible and never carrying guilt in mind with spirit of helping others and having full faith in God with attitude full of forget and forgiveness along with the spirit of gratitude will never allow Stress, Worry and Fear to come near to usfear

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