Swadhyay to be followed daily

daily swadhyay

A.  Physical  Level – Part A
1Wake up at 4.45 a.m
2Breathwatching, prayer
3Kar Darshan & To do List
4Apply Saliva In Eyes
5Offer Greetings to Mother Earth
6Water with garlic
7Mal Visarjan and Mal Darshan
8Tooth care, Eye wash, Neti etc.
9Body Massage, Ganesh Kriya
10Proper Bathing
11Kapalbhati & Meditation
12Honey Lime Water/Fruit
13Yog Sadhana  6.00 am to 7.30a.m
A.  Physical  Level – Part B
14Black Ginger Tea  7.30 a.m.
15Breakfast  8.30 a.m.
Dalia/ Idli-Dosa/Upma/
Stuffed Roti/ Poha/Veg Sandwich/
Sprouts/ Black Chana/Lobia
16Water-  2 Glasses – 9.30 a.m
17Water-  2 Glasses – 10.30 a.m
18Fruit or Chhach – 11.30 a.m
19Water-  2 Glasses – 12.30 p.m.
20Lunch – 1.30 p.m.
Roti, Vegetable, Dal, Salad
21Water-  2 Glasses – 2.30. p.m
22Water-  2 Glasses – 3.30 p.m.
244.30 p.m-Fruit/ Chana/ Peanut/
Nariyal Pani/ Curd/ Salad/
Anjeer Badam Munnaka
25Water- 2 Glasses – 5.30 p.m.
26Yog Nidra
A.  Physical  Level – Part B ( Cont’d)
27Dinner- 6.30 p.m – 8.00 p.m.
Vegetable Khichdi or
Roti, Vegetable,  Salad
28Vajrasan/Walk 9.00 p.m
29Milk+ Walnut  9.30 p.m.
30Dental Care
31Bed Time 10.00 p.m

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