Pregnancy yoga classes in delhi



Rs 7000 / monthRs 9,000 / monthRs 11,500 / month
3 days a week5 days a week7 days a week


Asanas recommended for pre natal  yoga :

Ø  Palm tree pose (Tadasana)

Ø  Cat-cow’s pose

Ø  Bharadvajasana

Ø  Baddha konasana (Bound angle pose)

Ø  Easy pose (Sukhasana)

Ø  Uthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle pose)

Ø  Head-to-knee-forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana)

Ø  Lotus pose (Padmasana)

Ø  Warrior pose (Virabhadrasana II)

Ø  Mountain pose (Parvatasana)

A fit and well-nourished body is what makes pregnancy easy,and it is really not dependent on age. A lot of young women,sometimes as young as fifteen and as ‘old’ as twenty-three,who are nutritionally deprived have tough pregnancies and complicated deliveries,including infections and blood loss; some of them even die in childbirth. So it’s not age;if anything,the ease comes with nourishment and fitness.

Pregnancy drains a woman’s body of most of its resources. We are awesome planners and we can plan backwards with perfection. But somehow it never strikes us that if the house needs to be cleaned,stocked and equipped to deal with a guest,the body might need to be cleaned of disease and discomfort,stocked with nutrients and equipped with the right attitude to welcome this ‘new growth’ or baby. A baby , after all , is a nine- month guest in a woman’s body. Nature has its own laws and it has decided that the baby gets precedence over the mother. So if the woman’s body is not receiving enough dietary nutrients,the foetus will get its due from the body’s reserve.

Eating right,making sure there’s wholesome food on your plate and regularizing meal timings is one aspect of keeping physically fit. Now every woman wants a ‘normal’ delivery and we all want to look like million bucks,and if possivle younger and skinnier post pregnancy,but for that you need another aspect of keeping fit in place-YOGA.

What’s ‘trying to get pregnant’got to do with workouts ?  Well everything. For starters,a lack of blood circulation makes conception difficult. A well worked out body has better muscle and bone density,which has an anti-ageing effect so you now have a biologically younger body whatever your chronological age may be. Regular workouts increase your pain threshold,so you just walked a step closer to a ‘normal’ delivery,and yes , they also make your back,pelvis,legs stronger , so that’s a few more steps closer to a ‘normal’ delivery and staying fit during and post pregnancy. Well you won’t have back pain,leg pain,swollen feet during and post pregnancy because of the stronger and better capillary and nerve network in the body. The uterus will be stronger and better nourished,so no sagging post pregnancy,the boobs won’t sag either.

What kind of workout should you do- Yoga , for sure …..nothing apart from yoga (the world swears by it) and do it with the experts. People who understand it to the core ,not the ones who’ve just come out with a portal connecting instructors and clients. Astrobit understands the risks of pregnancy and have worked real hard core specially for women in pregnancy. We’ll help you improve : FLEXIBILITY,STRENGTH,CARDIO-RESPIRATORY FITNESS AND BODY FAT PERCENTAGE.

We’ll help you develop stronger muscles + denser bones. With our expert guidance you’ll lose less blood during delivery and your menstrual cycle will stay regular prior to and post pregnancy.

Trust the experts in this most sensitive stage of your life. Trust ASTROBIT