Power of Yoga : Yoga classes in South Delhi


In South Delhi,the gentry is buoyant and vibrant. So is the mind of of the people living there. They are interactive and social. The lifestyle is full of color. And so are the requirements of clients for yoga classes. The clients want Ethnic yoga, Power yoga, Strenuous exercises , Vinyasa flow and all forms of yoga including Hatha yoga. To cater to these spectrum of demands we have a variety of yoga instructors who work day in and out to satisfy theses demands. Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal , himself sits in Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Saket once a week to meet the clients and help them with their problems.
Our instructors have tremendous experience, apart from degrees and qualification to help patients with different ailments like BP, Stress, Diabetes and Obesity.
For all you people living in South Delhi,we request you to check out the yoga instructors at Astrobit and feel your ailments going away.
Trust the experts….Trust Astrobit. All you have to do is fill up the form and submit it online. We shall be happy to call you and provide you with a world class yoga teacher. Happy Yoga-ing.

We have modules classified as :

3 days a week5 days a week7days a week
Rs 5,000/-Rs 7,000/-Rs 8,500
per monthper monthper month

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