Palmistry Workshop


Palmistry Training with Astrobit

At Astrobit, we know how you are curious for learning about your future and understand how the awareness of the coming time helps you build a happier life. Do the questions like – will I get through the exam? What subject should I take? Is it wise to start my own business? Will I find love? And how long will I live? trouble you? Do you want to learn how to predict your future too? Now you can!
When the renowned palmistry specialist at Astrobit extends you the knowledge of palmistry, you can do so much more than just learning about your own future!
One of the most respected Palmistry experts in Delhi, Acharya Sandeeip Sehhgal will give you the chiromancy workshop at Astrobit and help you understand the intricate working of the art of palmistry in the most amiable manner.

The Salient Features
● Introduction to Indian palmistry
●Understanding the shape and structure of the hand
●Learning about the many lines and mounts on the palm
●Reading the palm
●Predicting career and success
●Understanding the love and relationships
●Predicting health and life
●Reading about the personality in the palm
●Corrective measures and more!


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