Palmistry Correspondence

palm 4Palmistry is an art of reading palm to predict about the human behavior and personality. Palmistry is an ancient science and it was used by the astrologers in old time to provide the information about new born baby and other people. It belongs to Samudrik Shastra which literally means the ocean of knowledge. Study of cross lines in your palm tells your nature, education, lifestyle, marriage and other information related to human life. Palmistry depends on your palm lines, shape of fingers and skin color over your palm and also known as important factor to decide your nature and personality.

Palmistry and Astrology are related with each other because both sciences are useful to predict human life and also helpful to provide accurate information about a person who doesn’t know about his correct birth details. You can find the similarities in the information of a human being by taking the knowledge through Astrology and palmistry. Palmistry totally depends on lines of your palm and it may change according to the time.

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