Numerology is an ancient belief in the underlying pattern of mathematics prevalent throughout all of existence. The subject is vast, and numerologists make calculations to work out coincidences of events and numbers. Every year has a numerical value, from one to nine, and the year that a person is born also has such a value. The value is calculated by summing up all the numbers.

The day you were born certain powers were bestowed upon you that will be with you your whole life long. Since the date is unalterable, its personal vibratins shape every event or incident in your life span.

The only choice you have in regard to your destiny is to follow either the negative or the positive aspects of it. To be negative and constantly try to pursue a path that has not been predestined for you will only result in continual disappointment and failure, but if you look for and live up to only the positive aspects, you will be amazed at how easily life unfolds for you and the contentment you will find throughout your life. All the pieces will fall into place, easily and unerringly.


Numerology is study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. Just like the way the climate is in a certain area is determined by the landscape and the areas around it, so is your life determined by the things around you. The time and place you are born have an ever lasting effect on your entire life, as does your name.

Numerology puts numbers to your name and your birth and through a series of calculations can determine many things about you, help predict your future, and even answer questions about your past.


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