When too much of protein is consumed at one time,it doesn’t get stacked away for future use,instead it is converted to fat by a process called deamination. It will just load the liver where it will get broken down to glucose.  Learn to be shanaa with your protein. Whatever source you choose,veg,non-veg or a supplement,know that without a balanced base line diet , protein by itself will only lead to irritability,sleeplessness, constipation,mood swings and muscle catabolism or wasting. Will it lead to weight loss ? Yes,it will. When the body is given only protein and very little or no carbohydrate,the body first gets rid of its glycogen stores( glucose or sugar stored in liver and muscle) and loses water. After that, actually attacks the muscle tissue itself, burning the amino acids for energy. The result is muscle catabolism and lean body mass loss. Accordingly,regular exercise and a smart use of carbohydrates in the diet lead to protein sparing. What this means is that protein is not burned for energy instead it is used for its intended purpose.


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