If you have 4,3 or 8 numbers in your date of birth , it indicates that the thinking process of the subject is clear and tremendous. It indicates the intensity of thinking. A position wherein calculation or decision is required shall be good for the subject.

If you have 9,5 and 1 present in your date of birth, the will power present in your at the top. You can achieve simply anything if you have this combination. If one number amongst these is there in the date of birth you have 33% will power and if any two numbers the will power is to the tune of 67%.

The presence of 2,7,6  in the date of birth indicates strong action plan. The person having all these numbers have strong action urge.

Similarly , in the rows , the first row which has 4,9,2 as numbers indicate memory plane i.e. memory of the person is strong in proportion to the presence of these numbers .

The second row having numbers 3,5,7 indicates emotional  plane present in the D.O.B.  of a person.  

The third row 8,1,6 indicate the practical plane in the subject . the more presence of these numbers signal the subject is more practical in his/her approach.

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