Know thyself for happiness


Everyone looks for ‘Happiness’. This term is commonly used in our day to day language but without understanding it fully. Most of us run amuck like deer who carries musk in his navel but looks for it everywhere. Many of us take something as happiness. We try to get happiness through our body,mind and intellect. Our body seeks sensual joys, intellect seeks rational delight and mind seeks emotional joys. The quest for happiness is never ending.

Human personality can be broadly classified under three categories :-

1) Outer personality – Physical being

2) Inner personality – Emotional & Intellectual being

3) Real personality – Spiritual being

Our physical being is responsible for perception and its respective action, our mind is a place for feeling and emotions, whereas our intellect is for reasoning and discrimination. Each one of us , based on our personality , adopts different permutations and combinations to define ‘happiness’. Human beings have various qualities which can be animal type, plant type and real man like. Both animals and plants grow like human being. But it is only human beings who have the privilege of intellect and a power to discriminate. Man is the species which has knowledge, emotions and power of discrimination.

Some people equate ‘happiness’ to sensual pleasure only. They have more of ‘animal’ type of thinking. It must be understood that sensual pleasure can never get fully satisfied. It remains unsatisfied like sea that has in it water of thousands of rivers but can absorb much more of water. It remains unsatisfied like fire that keeps on burning till it keeps on getting more more of fuel. Other types of people get pleasure in acquiring knowledge all the time. They feel like engrossing themselves for getting more and more knowledge and treat the same as happiness . Some type of people take relaxation as happiness.

Whether happiness needs action or it can be found even in inaction ? ‘GITA’ advises us to go for action. Intellectual work is important for cleaning the mind, which is called ‘chitta shuddhi’ in the ‘GITA’. Action may or may not bring happiness but there can’t be happiness without action. Inaction is like stagnant pond and work/action is similar to ‘running water’. In practice , purification through work means overcoming envy, greed, selfishness and similar tendencies of the mind. The root cause of all sufferings is on account of ignorance (avidya) and non-apprehension of reality (maya). Work should surrender oneself to supreme power and should not take credit for success or failure.

These days too much emphasis is given on acquiring knowledge. Though knowledge is important to understand , it is also important to understand the type of knowledge that we are acquiring in our day to day life of this competitive world. What is important is ‘Wisdom’ , whereas we are all for acquiring  ‘Knowledge’. Only digested knowledge constitutes wisdom and that too when the same is applied in a rational way. Undigested food and knowledge breed diseases and toxicity at physical and mental level respectively . Man has definitely excelled in acquiring technological knowledge and harrassing the power of sun, river,wind, and atomic and nuclear power. Man can communicate instantly with billions of people via television and satellites in orbit. We can now fly faster than sound. Despite these achievements , we still lack exploring inner journey to understand our ‘self”. It is time to explore the spectrum of energy resources hidden within man himself.

This emphasis the need of wisdom over knowledge. It is for all of us to understand our ‘self ‘ and the potential it carries.

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