The subject “ How are you ?” looks a small thing . But after getting up in the morning till we sleep, we ensure this question 10 to 60 times a day. So it is not a small thing at all. It is great significant part of our daily conversations.

The answer to the question How are you ? is usually no more than few words. And yet, that short response tells a lot about you and your attitude.

I personally feel that the response to Kow are you ? can be classified in three categories – (1) Negative (2) Mediocre and (3) Positive. Let us examine these three categories :

  • Negative responses : The negative responses to How are you ? can be described as such as :

(i)“ I am tired ; (ii) “Terrible “; (iii) “ It’s not my day “. ; (iv) “ Thank God it’s a Friday”; (v) “Don’t ask”.

I ask simple question ie (i) to (iii) . Are you not generating negative energy and and it clearly answers your negative attitude . I really pity those who take  the “ Thank God it’s a Friday” approach to life. For these people Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are bad days every week. Friday is bearable only because they will have two days off ! Is this way to live your life ? Such negative thoughts release neurochemicals like cortisol and can poison your attitude and this would lead to unhealthy life.

  • Mediocre responses : Mediocre group is step up from the negative bunch. Some of the things they say – (a) “ Not too bad “. (b)” Could be worse “; (c) “Same old “; (d)” I am OK “; (E) “Fine “.

When you hear saying , Not too bad, could be worse. We also diminish our energy. People who use mediocre words eg I am OK, fine etc will develop a mediocre attitude and they get mediocre results.

  • Positive responses : Certainly positive people have positive approach. They say- (a)” Excellent “; (b) “ Great”; (c)” Terrific “; (d)” Fantastic “; (e) “ Wonderful “.

Those who use positive words like these have positive energy in them and you feel privileged by being around them. Positive thoughts release “ Neurochemicals “ ie Serotonin….so you find yourself seeing more possibilities than problems…more hope than doom….and more friends than isolation. Be honest. How did you feel as you read the Positive list ? But I am elevated  and excited to review this list. For instance just consider what happens when you respond that you are excellent and wonderful. As you say these words , your physiology begins to correspond with your optimistic language. Your posture also moves upright. Other people are attracted to your energy , your business and personal relationship improves.

As for me, when someone asks me , How are you ? I usually respond with a big positive attitude to other person and the more I say it , the more I feel excellent.

About 25 years back, that some one asked me How are you ? I would say something like OK with little energy. You know what I was programming myself to have OK relationship with people and to have OK attitude….and OK life.

But then , thank God, my spiritual consciousness moved to higher self and with inner awakening, I learned that I didn’t have to settle for an “OK “ life ! So I picked up my response and began to say excellent or wonderful.

The power in a positive group

There is an incredible power in the words we use, the things we use and the activities what we do. That’s why I advise you to use words that lift your attitude and the attitude of those with whom you converse.

Thought  is life what you think that you are. Your thoughts constitute your world. One kind word can warm three winter months (Japanese proverb). Every thought or emotion produces a strong vibration in every cell of the body and leaves a strong impression there. The words we speak to others are powerful as these speak to ourselves. As a well known proverb says , “ Life and death are in the power of tongue “. Therefore , you should be very mindful of the things you speak from mouth. Once released to the universe, words cannot be taken back . That’s why it is critical that we learn the concept of WOW ie We must watch our words. It all goes back to the mouth gate.

The tongue is the pen to your hearts. What we speak is programmed on the inside. There is a


proverb “ out of the issue of your hearts , your mouth speaks”. There is a heart-mouth connection what we feel and think within actually comes out in the form of our words. On this basis we believe about ourselves.

Life is challenge and there is no age bar to learn and improve. People may have different physical ailments  but what keep them going is their positive frame of mind and above all the grace of Almighty. The world has become for them a better place.

Respond with affirmation

There is a bondless light emerged within you. Positive qualities are bound to conquer all that is negative. When anyone asks, How are you ?

I can almost hear you say with a smile :

E-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t  or  w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-lHOW ARE U

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