Man is said to be the highest and finest creation of God. Yet the human being seems to be sad, frustrated and unhappy. Just walk through the bazaars , drive on highways, visit any office or any religious gathering, one finds only tense ,irritated and unhappy. It appears that we have convinced ourselves that happiness is an unattainable aim of life. Any society which is unhappy will thrive on corruption and not race for material gains. Selling through media day in and day out, trying to relate material wealth with happiness , buying pursuit of glamour in every walk of life much as his car with power steering and bigger AC., this saree ,an apartment in Delhi etc. are generally taken as indications of happiness and success today. However such a concept of happiness is simply short-sightedness of man that leads nowhere except its counterpart, that is, unhappiness as, there is no end to material demands and any failure to achieve results in dissatisfaction and sorrow.

If a question is asked: why all this unhappiness ? The answer given is that this is a result of your past sins and present destiny. It looks that man is finally being told and convinced reasonably that unhappiness is a normal state of life. Man has to accept it and and live with it. That is why one does not find many people laughing heartily even on hearing the best possible jokes. Even laughing in public is considered bad. The most surprising thing about happiness is that it has little to do with age,health,wealth,position or any other value in our society. Researches have proved beyond doubt that rich people, the so-called successful people and people holding top posts are usually not happier than the people with average income and status. People who have become suddenly rich are much more prone to various addictions , consequently leading to unhappiness.

So , why is man unhappy ? Probably because there are so many aspects of life . If there is money , position is lacking. If there is position , beauty is lacking. If there is beauty , health is lacking. Like this one can go on and on, and any one thing which is lacking overpowers all others which are present. This keeps on troubling all the time on and on till one is reduced to an unhappy and miserable state of life.

So what should be done ? The answer is very simple. Just try to be at peace with yourself and satisfied with your own environment. Try to become a small droplet in the ocean of mankind rather than trying to dominate it. And always remember that happiness cannot be bought, it can’t be attained by developing a personality which has capacity to smell pleasure in small things. In short, enjoy the basic pleasure of being alive and living.

Positive and right attitude of mind comes through yog and selfless service to the humanity. Nobody can think of happiness , unless he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow brothers and sisters . Forget yourself, think of others and happiness will follow automatically. Swami Vivekanand ji has rightly said one should have a desire to serve , instead of a desire to shine. That can yield happiness of the first order, which is , however, far from bliss, the ultimate life.

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