Five Ways to Conquer Worry

Devastating as worry seems to be in the lives of many of us but there are a number of simple ways of dealing decisively with this problem.worry free

They call for efforts and determination. But encouraging results soon appear.

Here, then , are some of the ways in which we can begin to deal with the worry in our own lives.

  1. Tackle worry adventurously . Be glad you have something to worry to worry about. This may sound non sense, but it is not.

It is no use to a worrier, “ There’s nothing to worry about “. He simply won’t believe you. Even if you managed to convince him that a particular issue was not worth the worry , he would soon find something else.

That is his nature , at present. It is his whole attitude towards worries which needs adjusting. What he really needs to be convinced about is that the real trouble is not in the circumstances about which he is worrying, but in himself.

To convince him of this is just as difficult as making him believe there is nothing to worry about. Here is the way. Let him accept the fact of his worry and the thing he is worrying about.

Once having faced this fact, let him also see that it may be a means either of depression and defeat or of inspiration and victory.

Everyone faces problems and difficulties, but some people regard them as sources of fear,worry and frustration, while others regard as challenges and opportunities.

It is as simple as that. Shall we defeat this circumstance which confronts us or shall we allow is to it to defeat us ?

Life is fraught with problems for all of us. We tend to envy the other man , but there is no doubt at all that he also has his particular problems of which we know nothing.

The sooner we come to terms with this inevitability of the demanding nature of life , the better.It is an adventure . It is a battle.

To accept its challenge to use its difficulties to bring into play the finest qualities within us, is the surest way of dispelling worry and anxiety.

  1. Tackle worry imaginatively. In tackling troubles adventurously , we need to hold actively in the imagination a picture of ourselves as we desire to be.

Any kind of self-improvement is immeasurably helped forward by this simple but effective method.

Constantly picturing ourselves as confident , worry-free , optimistic helps to fix those qualities in us.

The power of imagination positively and rightfully used is a great character –moulding force . Nowhere perhaps are its effects so startling obvious as in dealing with this matter of worry.

There is not , however , one single way of dealing with worry , one single weapon for fighting the enemy. The effectiveness of our victory will depend on the cumulative effect of a variety of weapons.

  1. Tackle worry actively We must do something about our worries in a positive and practical manner. Action is needed.

Most worries afflict us in those times when we are inactive. We have time to think and brood and so worry takes that opportunity of playing havoc with us.

Actively does not mean work alone. Hobbies come into the picture here, too. They have a great therapeutic value.

Many a busy executive and professional man would find his worries disappearing and the effectiveness of his work improving if only he would recognize the value of recreation, of some absorbing,creative hobby.

Our activity in play as well as in work is one of the ways in which we can do battle with our worries.

  1. Tackle worry immediately . Often the worry which keeps us awake at night could have been                                                       avoided by having done something that day which we unwisely put off till tomorrow.

Many things we worry most about in anticipation-an examination, a difficult interview, an uncongenial task- prove , when we actually got down to them , not half as bad as we imagined they would be.

So , while certain things obviously have to wait their turn (we cannot, for example,sit an examination a fortnight before the time) there is clearly an advantage in tackling at once those things which can so tackled which worry us.

  1. Tackle worry systematically . Normal Vincent Peale suggests that certain strategy must be used in the campaign against the habit of worry.

He uses the analogy of a tree which men cut down on his farm. He expected them to start by cutting through the main trunk near the ground.

Instead, they put up ladders and started  snipping off the small branches , then the larger ones , and finally the  top of the tree.

Dr. Peale’s point is that “ the vast tree of worry which over long years has grown up in your personality can best be handled by making it as small  as possible “.

Cutting the smaller branches will have developed our skill and confidence for dealing with the larger ones.

Indeed, in that word confidence is one of the great secrets of our conquest of worry.

To know that the victory can be ours is the greatest single step we can take towards that conquest.

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