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Body fat %

  • Women score over men in body fat percentage. Ideal range for women is between 19-21%,whereas for men it is between 16-19%.
  • God has created women’s body ,in such a way,that it stores more fat. Possibly to take care of extra energy needs during pregnancy. Men ,on the other hand, have more muscles in the body.
  • Being fat tends to make you even fatter. Fatness is a vicious ; the more fat you have the more your body chemistry,or metabolism changes to favor the build-up of excess fat.
  • Good athletes often have much less fat. A thin runner would usually have only 8% body fat.
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  • As we get older ,we tend to lose some of our calorie burning muscles and hence the percentage of body fat increases.
  • Muscles are more dense than fat. That is why,the increase in the waistline is noticed. Even if the total weight may not be showing any major variations,our dress size definitely goes up.
  • An inactive person loses about 2.5 kgs of muscle mass every 10 years. Isn’t it a definite cause of concern !
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