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The modern times are very challenging and demanding. We live in an age in which speed and efficiency have become the major concern of life and everything else has become sub-servient to them. This, in turn , generates tension not only between individuals , but also in the families , the social systems and the nations. The quest for speed and efficiency causes unbearable physical and mental stress and strain, leading to violence , crime,upsetting the very rhythm of life. Under these stresses and strains, the youth today are becoming increasingly aggressive and self-centered, resulting in frustrations and disappointments, giving rise to a vicious circle of family and social strife, insecurity, anger, depression and violence.

In modern times , the sole aim is to acquire knowledge, not for the sake of knowledge and service , but for becoming rich in terms of money, muscle power and gross materialism, leading to extreme self-centredness and ruthlessness in achieving this goal, leading , in turn to lopsided development of today’s youth. In order to live a full and meaningful life, the youth must choose the path of integrated personal development.

Before , however, one sets oneself to hardwork, one must know clearly what one wants to do and achieve, and this, in turn, must be related to the purpose of life, which may be realised only by those who strive to give their lives a PURPOSE- a definite goal. So, first of all, one must settle the “purpose”, always remain conscious of it and to realise it one must develop the force of character as a guiding deity in life. As CICERO said ” Great things are accomplished not by strength or speed or physical dexterity but by….force of character, will and judgement.”

SELF EDUCATION plays a fundamental role in building one’s character from adolescence onwards. This requires a great deal of self discipline , self-control , hardwork,concentration and purpose in life and the force of one’s character. All these , further, need a healthy mind which grow out of regular exercise, proper nutrition and healthy mindset.

Remember , that our body is the only instrument, the only medium through which we can operate in our lives and therefore, we must learn to control our body, if we want to achieve anything in our life.

To develop such instincts and to accelerate speed and efficiency and at times, to achieve both, daily practise of yog is sne-qua-non. Needless to say, character formation shall ensue in due course.



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