Any man simply cannot live without Dhyan. A shopkeeper or a businessman has to transact business; an office goer has to do his specific duties; a professor or a teacher has to deliver lectures; all these ppersons could perform their respective duties on the basis of Dhyan. The difficulty is that we do not concentrate on the thing we should and we do concentrate on the things we should not. what a tragedy ! But before we delve deep into the subject, we have to prepare the ground for it. It has to be done at two levels –

(1) Doing small items of work with rapt attention.

(2) Develop concentration.

We should first of all learn to do small things to the least of our capacity. Keeping our articles of use at the proper places; keep our shoes in an orderly manner; close the door gently;walk without a thumping noise; straighten bed sheet on getting up; drive with speed over which you have full control; speak less and that too gently ; keep temper cool; try to help others ; do your duty sincerely ; earn money by the sweat of your brow and its source pious; do not spend much on yourself; control your demands; be simple in habits and behaviour; are a few items to mention.

When we try to do the above items of work(the list is illustrative but not exhaustive) with care, we shall develop a habit of doing small things sincerely. Slowly this behaviour shall cover all items of work and that shall help us in developing concentration.

young woman doing yoga,hand close-up
young woman doing yoga,hand close-up

By concentration we mean that the flow of our thought should be in one direction and on one item. It shall not variate or fluctuate on a thing other than the one about which we are thinking. Suppose we are thinking about a flower , a rose. It has colors-white , red, green,yellow. It has petals, leaves, thorn, stem,root,seed. Thereafter we do not know anything. After the flower vanishes we also do not know about its existence like this we should be engaged in thinking about one thing only and try to recollect all the  information about it till we feel that we could not think further. It has mainly three qualities:

(1) Attractive to look at.

(2) Gives fragrance,

(3) We remember it when it vanishes.

Can I have or develop these qualities; (1) Both at physical and mental level, I should look attractive ; (2) Fragrance of my good deeds should spred far and wide ; (3) When I leave the locality, people remember me. Likewise , we could think about the function of each, its limitations, identify the areas in which one sense could function, when the sense is supposed to be uncontrolled and what is the behaviour of a controlled sense.

When we begin our sadhna even for ten to fifteen minutes, we are sure to prepare ground on the basis of which we could switch over to Dhyan easily.

Initially we feel difficulty in controlling thought – waves. Mainly our task is not to ponder over worldly things during this period. For that even though we have to perform all our duties and responsibilities during the day with utmost sincerity but with unattached feeling. This shall make our task easy and the seeker of dhyan shall attain success in no time.

Ultimately we have to get our mind absorbed in self i.e. Atman. It has three remarkable qualities- (1)  Seeing the self. Everything in this world is seen by other apparatus (2) Seeing within self and seeing by self. If this state is attained even for a few minutes, then we are charged with energy and positive thoughts for the whole day. Ultimately our attractions and reputations shall vanish. For attaining this state we have to sit daily for some time and find out within, what is that one always present amongst so many variants. For example sleep, dream and awakening states change but there is one thing which does not change and tells us that I was asleep; in the light of which dreams we are seen ; and on the basis of that light we experience and are able to perform actions during the day. (3) The mind variates . Thoughts change from one to the other continuously. But who is the seer of these thoughts . That is Atman. It has the capacity to see the thinking mind as also the still mind. To know , to feel and to merge is the highest state of human being; but the state could be easily attained by doing selfless service ( Nishkam Karm). A person passing the whole day in selfish deeds would not be able to attain this state.

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