CHD continues to be the leading cause of death in many countries. Despite significant success in reducing the death rate by 40% during the past 30 years ,approximately 1.5 million adults continue to suffer from a heart attack eah year. The situation is even worse in countries like Canada, England, Germany, France, Holland, Yugoslavia and Russia. There are more heart attacks per 1000 adult population in almost all of these countries as compared to the United States.

The incidence of CHD in India is fast catching up with that of developed countries. Over 24 million suffer from heart ailments in India now. At least 20 million others have diagnosed hypertension or increased blood pressure-a major risk factor for CHD.

Coronary heart disease is a preventable condition. We do not have to accept heart attacks as an inevitable part of life. How have the Americans succeeded in reducing the death rate due to heart disease over the past 30 years ? The answer lies in consistent efforts to educate people to control the risk factors leading to coronary heart disease. Many other developed countries have also launched health education programmes. The major risk factors for coronary heart disease include smoking,lack of exercise,high blood pressure or hypertension and high blood cholesterol.


One day, it is possible that your heart may experience lack of oxygen due to insufficient blood supply caused by the slow clogging and blockage of the coronary arteries. This is known as atherosclerosis and is due to the deposition of fat and chlesterol in the walls of your arteries-small-sized pipes that carry blood to different parts of your body,including the heart. If a major artery leading to the heart is completely blocked,this will immediately cut off the blood supply to a part of the heart and cause a heart attack.

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