With increasing industrialisation and a faster pace of life,developing countries like India are also following the pattern set by Western nations. A stressful lifestyle resulting from day-to-day problems of finance , education,family and interpersonal relationships ; as also the demands of work,travel , insecurity of job and business ; and an urge to exceed and accomplish more than what you already possess-all lead to a degree of stress that results in slow but progressive damage to your cardiovascular system.
We tend to forget that the gradual damage to the coronary arteries (atherosclerosis) starts when we are in our early 20s, and by continuing with a stressful lifestyle , we are only enhancing the damage. A hear attack that occurs today ,in fact , may have started very slowly many years ago with the gradual narrowing and hardening of the coronary arteries.
Stress is a time bomb that must be diffused.

Do not get upset over minor matters. You will often hear people saying: ‘ If something goes wrong , I just cannot stand it. That is the way I am.’ Some of these people seem to enjoy an air of superiority while saying so.The fact is that getting upset is simply against the stability of your biochemical equilibrium. Anger and frustration are associated with the secretion of a number of hormones that can increase your cholesterol and also raise your blood pressure. You may really be wasting a lot of your valuable and enjoyable time by getting upset over trivial matters.

Create a joyful environment for yourself. Some people wrongly assume that joyful living is only for young children and a mature person should ,somehow,not appear to be joyful . Why not do things that really bring pleasure to your life ?

Find new hobbies and interests. Do something different . People who have a fixed and rigid life day after day can easily become bored. A dull lifestyle is a recipe for excessive stress.

Have, at least,a few friends of jovial nature who can create an environment of fun,pleasure and enthusiasm. A person with a persistently attitude cannot be expected to bring fun and excitement into your life.

Develop the habit of smiling and laughing . Laughter ,in fact, is the best medicine for stress and stress-related diseases. Smiling and laughing can bring about positive changes in your body hormones. Reducing your stress level can, not only protect you from heart disease , but also enhance your quality of life enormously.

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