The environment of a plot is long standing, powerful and often determines the running of a factory. Many factories have Vastu unfriendly locations. The following are the reasons .

  • The human habitations like cities or villages have survived for a long time and therefore must have a favourable Vastu environment. If the Vastu environment had been bad,the habitations would have been abandoned much earlier due to unlivable conditions.
  • The factories have high needs for water as a medium for waste disposal and also as a industrial input. Thus they end up near rivers or lakes with either highly favourable or unfavourable slopes.
  • Large areas are needed for factories. Hence they are exposed to more features of the environment than a smaller factory plot.
  • The agricultural land is often converted to industrial areas. These plots placed on the road side will have large areas on the back. Even if both the sides are developed as factories the open space will be bad for north and east facing factories as they are open spaces on the south and west respectively.
  • Government developed industrial estates have to be developed in large uninhabitated areas. These often turn up to be dried up lake beds. These have very high water tables and unpredictable slopes both of which are unfavourable.
  • The rapid industrialization of an area leads to hazardous construction of temples , electricity installations,pillars and other buildings which affect the neighbouring areas.      Hence the chance for a factory to be built in a Vastu unfriendly locale is very high. Due care has to be taken for choosing the ideal plot before construction.

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