If you have 4,3 or 8 numbers in your date of birth , it indicates that the thinking process of the subject is clear and tremendous. It indicates the intensity of thinking. A position wherein calculation or decision is required shall be good for the subject.

If you have 9,5 and 1 present in your date of birth, the will power present in your at the top. You can achieve simply anything if you have this combination. If one number amongst these is there in the date of birth you have 33% will power and if any two numbers the will power is to the tune of 67%.

The presence of 2,7,6  in the date of birth indicates strong action plan. The person having all these numbers have strong action urge.

Similarly , in the rows , the first row which has 4,9,2 as numbers indicate memory plane i.e. memory of the person is strong in proportion to the presence of these numbers .

The second row having numbers 3,5,7 indicates emotional  plane present in the D.O.B.  of a person.  

The third row 8,1,6 indicate the practical plane in the subject . the more presence of these numbers signal the subject is more practical in his/her approach.

A to Z in Numerology

AInspirational, enthusiastic, ambitious ,religious, pious, gives importance to feelings, makes friends easily, creative, good convincing power, stick to their point of view, confident, brave. They listen to others only when they are explained in a calm, patient way. They have a strong will power. Whatever work they undertake they struggle a lot and often achieve success in life.
BVery confused, introvert. Thinks a lot and hesitates a lot. Talks less. Wants to live their life peacefully. They respect others a lot. Gives  great importance to their work. Are not friendly with anyone and neither do they trust very easily. They don’t share their inner feelings. They like scientific and research related fields. They prefer doing work in groups.
CHave strong determination, constant mind and firm intelligence. They make maximum efforts to fulfil their work at any cost. They do not bother about time and money spent on work. Often naughty, humorous. Have strong convincing power. They think and  analyse before speaking. But they sometimes get struck in unnecessary things and waste their energy. Sharp observation, optimistic, religious. The person is always tense about the result of hios deeds and often believe whatever he does is right. Confidence and self respect are the core qualities.
DPractically controlled, hard working. Is self sufficient, confident. Whtever work they undertake , they finish at at all costs. They get satisfaction in their work. They are never scared of failures. They confirm all the minute deatails before starting a task. They speak less but influential. They believe in ‘ give respect to gain respect’. They are very concerned about their respect. They are attached to their relatives and siblings and can sacrifice their happiness for them.
EThese people have independent thoughts and love to be free. They speak a lot and are truthful. They workon their ownand cannot work under pressure and hate recommendations. They often reveal their business secrets hence have to face failures. These people should be cautious about their business and never share their secrets. They have to compromise a lot in their married life. They have a good name in the society.
FThey symbolize being homely. They give their best to have a good domestic life. Always keep their family and friends happy. They also give contribution towards the society. Are kind hearted and never interfere in others’ work. They fail to concentrate on their business hence face failures even after a lot of efforts.
GThey love simplicity, honesty, truthfulness, being well mannered. They have a magnetic personality hence can influence people very easily. They plan before doing anything be it family, business, job, etc. They are very efficient in work. Good in debates and speeches. They are very determined. Experts in making money. Gives importance to moral values.
HAmbitious, intelligent, innovative, mature. Good decision maker. Even if they are free they pretend to be very busy. They have a creative mind. They listen to everyone but finally do what they think is right. They should learn to be optimistic.
IThese people are very hard working   and active. They have a lot of experience and knowledge hence they are the masters in their fields. They do not appreciate incomplete knowledge. These people are honest, religious, calm, emotional and well mannered. They can adjust with people.
JThese people are very  narrow minded. They are judgemental , honest and hard working. They are intelligent and have a lot of experience of life. They have to struggle in their domestic life. They dare to speak the truth and facts.
KThey have a good intuition power. Life is full of struggle. They have to face a lot of ups and downs in their life. Things happen accidentally in their life. Face problems in domestic life. You should compromise in order to run a smooth married life.
LAre philosophical and emotional. Neat and clean thought process. Are calm in nature. And plans well before doing something. They are affected more by mental problems than physical attacks.
MThese people are virtuous, well mannered and kind. Likes simplicity, has pure thoughts. They are straightforward and don’t fear to keep secrets but they often pour  their secrets out of their mouth. Are efficient and hard working. Physically strong.
NThey always have to face problems and obstacles. Life is full of struggle and challenges. But they often manage to handle them. They are good in their domestic life. Always take care of their family. They can make friends easily.
OThey are religious in attitude. They symbolize courage and strength. They have a great will power  inspite of all failures they face. They have to face a lot of ups and downs in their life. They have a lot of friends and enemies too. They do not like filthy places and they speak whatever is in their mind.
PThese people are introvert and calm. They do not share their happiness and sorrow with anyone. They pretend to be happy and calm always. They are a good listener and they share others sorrow. They have a good name and fame in the society. Internally they are pure, friendly and intelligent. They earn  a lot of money in their life. Also they spend a lot. They enjoy peace.
QTheir life is very well planned and systematic . Strong, determined about their thoughts. They do not like interference in their work. Great administration and have no pride. They think and plan before starting something. They give importance to others thoughts also. They compromise with their love.
RThey are attractive , kind, generous, calm and gentle. They make friends easily. Their features and way of talking is attractive. They believe life is an everlasting journey of learning. They never hurt others. They have a good name and fame in the society . They are very happy between the ages 35-50.
SThey always have a smiling face. They are jolly, extrovert and friendly. They are interested in social work. They can make friends easily. They like to interact with new people. They take part in various art related fields like drama, acting, etc. They are very loyal at work. Are religious. They cannot take decisions instantly and hence sometimes have to face losses.
TThese people are very content and satisfied in life and they do not take short cuts for success. They are happy with their decisions. They have the power to take independent decisions. They are active participants in others sorrows and religious activities. They suffer pains in their life on their own. They like to spend time in spirituality.
USymbolize innovation and novelty. Personality is very mature and clear. They don’t fear to speak the truth. They are interested in new fashion new ideas. They do not bother too much about the past or the future but they like to live in the present. They have a magnetic personality. They earn a lot of money and are also spendthrifts by nature.
VThese people are imaginative and liberal. They have high ambitions and a very well planned approach for them. They appreciate others and want encouragements for their work. They can express themselves  very well. They are interested in research and education.
WThese people enjoy taking risks. They are courageous and brave, enjoy adventure. They have a strong determination and can excel in fields like circus, oceanic trade, mountain climbing etc. They have a charming personality. People often become their close friends and then cheat them. Such people often have a happy childhood but  face problems in their old age.
XThese people are lazy and irresponsible. They do not work hard. They do not have high ambitions. They waste their time in unnecessary things and often pretend to be very busy. They are very dependent on their partners and have a nature of suspicion. They utilize their energy in gaining physical pleasure. They are generally unsuccessful in life.
YThese people are introvert and self centred. They believe in “live and let live”. They face problems in taking decisions. Their family has an important in role in all their decisions. They love to be attached to any educational institute. They talk skillfully.

Effects of Numerology


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